Among the most beautiful bathing cities in the Abruzzo, Pineto is in the middle of two stunning pine woods, from which it takes its name and that were commended also by the Vate, the great poet Gabriele D’Annunzio. The roots of Pineto are closely linked to those of Mutignano (today a fraction of this seaside town), which had developed thanks to its proximity to the ducal city of Atri.

Until the early 1800s, in fact, the settlements were located on the hills overlooking the sea, and not on the coast, as one might think. For a long time the only residence overlooking the sea was the home of the Filiani Lords, as the crow flies, at the same height as the Torre del Cerrano, today the symbol of Pineto. This structure was the summer residence of the family, but with the construction of the railway station it will become the logistic and control center of the main economic activities.

And it is precisely with the arrival of the railway, at the beginning of 1860, that the phenomenon of overturning between the coast and the interior begins and the disagreements between Pineto and Mutignano: in fact, both want the railway to be built on their territory and the latter will "escape" it. , thanks also to the intervention of Giacinto Filiani, who grants the land necessary for the construction of the airport, which will later take the name of "Atri-Mutignano". The development of Pineto and its territory continues in the following years. In 1955 the variant of the Adriatica state road was inaugurated, a work of vital importance for the citizens of Pineto. In the early 1970s, the last section of the A14 motorway was also inaugurated, allowing easy connections with all of Italy.

Tourist reception

Pineto has about 15 thousand inhabitants and it is for sure one of the best place to spend relaxing and cheerful holidays in. A clean beach and a clear sea have allowed to be awarded with the Blue Flag of Europe, with which are awarded the bathing cities that have clean waters and a great standard in the tourist reception

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The city is also appreciated and known for its pine wood: here it is possible to have long and relaxing walks or bicycle rides along the 5 km long bicycle path which links Pineto to the close Scerne, all in total safe and far from the traffic.

Activities & Events

Framed by green and blooming hills and characterized by a stunning landscape which goes up to the Gran Sasso mountain, the one in Pineto is a beach suitable for children, thanks to its low bottoms. For the adults, instead, there are many funny events to be lived, thanks to venues with entertainment (pubs, pizzerias, restaurants…) and to the many occasions to practice sports. Do not finally forget the main emblem of Pineto, the majestic Torre del Cerrano, one of the last observation towers built on the Coast in 1500, to defend the territory from Slavics and Saracens raids.