Discover Abruzzo


Discover with the Hotel Jean Pierre the Abruzzo, a Region that have to be loved. Here indeed You will live Your free time far from the daily stress, doing lots of different activities and knowing stunning places, every day. The Hotel Jean Pierre is glad to suggest You some paths, if You move by bicycle, by feet or by car.

Cycle and Motorbike Tourism

In the Laga Mountains there is one of the most interesting bycicle paths: it is here that You can ride the ancient path which, according to the legend, led Hannibal to Rome (the “Tracciolino di Annibale” crossing). It crosses Crognaleto, Cesacastina (known for its 100 Falls Valley), Prati delle Macchie, Colle della Pietra and Altovia villages. Ride it, means to link sport to the view of stunning landscapes. But You can also move more easily along the easy path of the Adriatic Coast, while the most experts could take the middle and high climbs, to reach the Gran Sasso mountain. Those are paths which are perfect even for who moves with his motorcycle.


Abruzzo is a Region rich in Natural Parks and mountains. One over all, the Gran Sasso, one of the most loved mountains in Italy, that thanks to its 2.912 meters guards all the inhabitants of the Region (that is why its nickname is “the sleeping giant”). Marvelous are also the Laga Mountains, characterized by beeches, firs, chestnuts and oaks, the natural habitat which protects the brown bear from the Marsica area, a precious endangered specie, wolves, wild boars, porcupines and all the fauna You can find here. Abruzzo is a land appreciated even for its enchanted valleys, seas, falls and long coasts, culture and arts: many and fascinating are indeed the abbeys, castels, hermitages, holy places, villages and fortresses You can find on the territory and that some times have hosted commercials or very important and famous movies, think to “Ladyhawke”, with Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer, which was shooted near L’Aquila. Numerous are also the chance to do trekking, along different paths which allow You to discover many Franciscan monasteries, in the Val Fino, or the Gran Sasso hermitages, such as the one of San Nicola in Fano a Corno, the one of Fra Nicola and the one of Santa Colomba. Do not forget the culture and folklore and the lots of festivals and local traditions which make lively the Abruzzo all year long and that delight who choose this land for a pleasant stay.

Places to Visit

The Torre di Cerrano gives the Abruzzo coast one of the most beautiful views of the sea. Located between Pineto and Silvi Marina, it stands directly on the beach, with all its grandeur. The building, which takes its name from the nearby Cerrano stream, is one of the ancient coastal towers of the Kingdom of Naples, whose construction dates back to 1568. The entire complex has remained almost intact since then, while the upper and lateral parts of the Tower they have been added in more recent times by the families who owned it before it became the patrimony of the Province of Teramo.

Torre di Cerrano

Today it is one of the headquarters of the Water Biology Center of the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Abruzzo and Molise (IZS A & M) and also houses the Museum of the Sea, the Info Point of the Marine Protected Area, established a few years ago in the area, and the International Veterinary Training Center of the IZS A & M. The Tower is surrounded by a wonderful garden with typical Mediterranean vegetation, open to the public every day from morning to evening in the summer. There you can find monumental pines and important plants for their use or for the rarity that distinguishes them. A few steps from the Hotel Jean Pierre, the landscape offers a unique panorama, made even more impressive by the beauty of the Cerrano Tower.


A few kilometers from Pineto, you can find one of the most interesting spectacles of nature, typical of the Adriatic landscape, but which only in Abruzzo, and specifically in the territory of Atri, reaches its maximum spectacularity. The Calanchi di Atri Regional Nature Reserve extends for 380 hectares, with a difference in height from 106m to 468m, and preserves the famous Calanchi di Atri, originating from the erosion of the clayey soil, caused by deforestation and by desiccation and washout, which also show the presence in the soil of numerous marine fossils. The Atrian places of the Calanchi are made even more fascinating by the mystery of the “Pietra di S. Paolo”, whose history blends faith and legend around this soft white boulder, similar to a broken column. Legend has it that it is the same stone where St. Paul was martyred in Rome, but more realistically it is the remains of a pre-Christian altar, where traders and travelers stopped to rest and thank the gods. The Atrians have attributed miraculous powers to it against the bone malformations of the children, who were brought here in silent procession, making them keep some stone dust. Since the 1970s, the stone has been surrounded by a chapel, which has enhanced its religious aspect. The Calanchi Reserve can be visited freely, along marked trails, and also has a cycle path for lovers of trekking and mountain biking. During the summer, among other things, excursions are organized, among which the most particular are the suggestive night walks.


The peculiarity of Abruzzo is the extreme proximity and ease of reaching the sea and the mountains in a short time. It is the same particularity that characterizes the gastronomic aspect of the region, which combines and varies between strong and intense flavors and fresh and light flavors. Abruzzo cuisine has many souls and therefore different cultures coexist in it. On the one hand, there is the simple, pastoral and agricultural cuisine, made of tasty meats, especially sheep, cheeses with a strong taste and foods enhanced by the use of very aromatic herbs.


Hotel Jean Pierre

On the other hand, there is a more elaborate cuisine, which collects regional products to blend them into delicious and typically Teramo compositions, like the timballo di scrippelle, the mazzarelle.

local specialties

Obviously, the marine culture cannot be overlooked, which feeds on the great variety of fish that populate the Adriatic, and is capable of satisfying all tastes. Absolutely to taste the fish broth alla pinetese. The extreme variety of foods is obviously accompanied by high quality wines, especially Montepulciano, Rosato, Trebbiano, Pecorino, Cococciola, Passerina etc. And moreover, a particular cuisine such as that of Abruzzo cannot fail to offer digestive liqueurs, made from local specialties, such as Centerba, Ratafia, saffron liqueur, Aurum, gentian, Punch d'Abruzzo Evangelista. In short, your holiday in Abruzzo will not only be sea, relaxation and tranquility, but you will also have the opportunity to taste some of the culinary pearls of our country